PHOTOS: Recent Killing at Nsoatre

There have being several attacks (killing) in the Region (Brong Ahafo Region) for the past years, which people in authority must have a second look.

Counting on the recent killings in Nsoatre ( sunyani west consistency ) a town between sunyani and Berekum. A lady known for her household name (Amponsaa) was found dead this morning in a bush near (M/A Community JHS) school Nsoatre has cause a great myth in the town at about 10am-11am with no evidence as to who killed her.

Counting on personal enquiries she was found on Friday night at about 10pm at her resident and later found dead the following morning.
This has cause people pointing hands at the security authorities in the town and who matters and has cause security threat in the town.

Speaking to a number of residence, Raising concerns that their lives are in danger and called on authorities in the region to come to their aid and help find the perpetrators and increase security in the town.
The case is before the police and hopping to take legal action soon.