Asahd Khaled Flexes Instagram With His Expensive Jewelry – Here’s the Price

Asahd Khaled, young son of hiphop music star DJ Khaled can barely pronounce the word “Diamond” but that does not make it impossible for him to own 150K worth of them.

Asahd, recently posted a photo on his Instagram flossing in his new “Father of Asahd” diamond pendant to celebrate the release of the Father of Asahd album. And all 1.9 million of his Instagram followers went crazy about it.

Asahd’s jeweler, The Gold Gods, reposted the photo, letting us know that the chain costs $15k and is a 14k VS and diamond chain. So we were curious to learn how much Asahd’s other jewelry cost. And after doing a bit of research, we realized that this adorable 1-year-old has over a $150,000 in diamonds.

The toddler fashion designer and music executive also has a custom gold Rolex that runs about $34k and a Cartier ring that is worth $2k.

Asahd has also been photographed in his “we da best” pendant, a lion charm necklace and a diamond key pendant from uncle Drake.

Well, Asahd Khaled for you, just like his daddy’s hit jam, “all he does is win.”