GMA Boss Blows ¢1,351,250,000 Old Cedis On Food From His Own Hotel

Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr. Kwame Owusu blew GHC135,125 (the old Ghana cedis equivalent of GHC1,351,250,000) one night on food and GHC10,652 on another occasion on food for just eight people, reports.

The documents which showed the extent of wastage of public funds and conflict of interest was intercepted from NPP member and musician-Anti-corruption activist Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A-plus. has confirmed that the hotel where the outrageous expenses were incurred and paid for with the approval of Mr Kwame Owusu, The Luxe Suites Hotel is wholly owned by Mr Kwame Owusu who is now heading the Ghana Maritime Authority when his ‘close friend’ Akufo-Addo became president. has learnt he is still Group Chairman of the Luxe Suites Hotel.

Social media users sharing the memos from the Director of administration of GMA requesting for permission from Mr Owusu to make payment of GHC 135,125 and GHC10,652 for the foods to Luxe Suites Hotel have questioned President Akufo-Addo’s mantra of fighting corruption in all forms. They say while the president, on one hand, is talking about ‘protecting the public purse’, his appointees are taking steps to empty and waste as much of the money in the public purse as they can.

Kwame A-plus, who broke this story is questioning the Ghana Maritime Authority Boss whether he would have taken the decision to ‘waste’ GHC135,125 and GHC10,652 on food per night if the GMA were his personal company.

“Charley me I still don’t understand how 8 people spent 10,652,00 on food during a meeting. Ah how? It means each person’s food (just one meal) cost 1,335.00 Ghana cedis. Really? If you own Ghana as your private company will you spend this amount on a meal for just one meeting? If we complained during the campaign that NDC spent 20 dollars on Kenkey in Brazil, how then can we support this? 20 dollars is just 100 Ghana. This is 1.335.00 per person per meal. Did they chew golden sausages or the elephant itself came to the meeting?”

He added:

“Apart from conflict of interest which is a serious offence let me ask this. How many people ate 135,125.00 Ghana cedis worth of food? Herrrrh they can eat oooo hahahahahaha. And wait, wait, wait. The second invoice…, how many people ate over 10,000.00 Ghana cedis food at one meeting? Come for your medals. You people can eat for Africa. Waaaawolo. Pick pockets have taken the public purse from Nana Addo’s pocket.”

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