“I Need no Man in My Life” — Delay reveals her True Love

Delay reveals her True Love
Delay reveals her True Love

Delay reveals her True Love.

There is a street adage that goes like ‘when a man gets money, he feels he needs a woman by his side but when a woman gets money, she sees no need for a man’.

Ace broadcaster Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has publicly declared that she does not see the relevance of a man in her life.

According to Delay she does not need a man because she has everything she needs and her life is complete with her concentrating on her business.

Delay took to Twitter to clear the air on her alleged fling with rapper Amerado. A video surfaced on the internet last week where Amerado was resting his head on Delay as they enjoyed some tunes together.

The video sparked comments on social media that Delay had allowed the young man who she claimed was over 10 years older than her have a thing with her.

Neither Delay nor Amerado came to comment about the video or the rumours that came with it but allowed social media users to draw their own conclusions.

Delay has now realized the damage the rumours might cause to her brand so she jumped on Twitter to rubbish the allegations and also label men as irrelevant in her life.

She wrote,

“Let me clear the air real quick. I’m in a relationship with my business and no one else. I’m happy i got that out of the way. Now goodnight y’all”

No one actually knows the lover of Delay. If she has one, then she has done a good job keeping him out of the media.

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