Man who dined with ‘maame water’ & other spirits makes shocking revelation

Man who dined with ‘maame water’ & other spirits makes shocking revelation.

A man who claimed he has dined with ‘maame water’, dwarfs and other evil spirits has made some shocking revelations about the evil world he belonged to.

According to the man, he possesses 99 evil spirits and any man of God who makes an attempt to deliver him will be bitten by a snake.

The man identified as Emma disclosed that he can transform himself into almost over 40 beings to commit evil acts.

He also stated that he was ordered by his spirits to destroy 24 men of God to prohibit them from propagating the word of God.

He further stated that after he decided to put a stop to this evil act, he went to a Pentecost church at Winneba junction for deliverance.

He added that on his arrival at the church, the pastor he met on the pulpit preaching was a wizard.

According to him, all the pastors he went to for deliverance were unable to deliver him from the evil spirits.

He also added that he was able to kill all the 24 pastors he was ordered to kill.

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Emma also revealed that he killed almost 100 to 400 people daily mostly through road accidents.

He disclosed that he can transform himself into a tortoise, snake and any other animal with just words to cause road accidents.

According to him, he was very active in almost all church activities and that witchcraft is not scared of prayers but the truth.

He further advised Christians to take their Christian lives very seriously and be wary of fake pastors who parade themselves as men of God.