Musician Quata Budukusu Records With A Kenyan Legend Eric Wainaina

Obviously when two power forces come together and also when two legends join their legendary status maturity and quality works prevails hence the sudden high expectations for the Ghanaian Kenyan collaboration between the tongue twisting inventor Quata Budukusu and Kenyan legend Eric Wainaina.

For some months now Quata has been one of the busiest Ghanaian musicians touring in South Africa and Kenya doing justice to the gigs and also collaborating with countless number of South Africans, Kenyans and other music moguls across the African circles. The two were sighted in a home base studio in Kenya which belongs to the legendary Eric Wainaina the Kenyan international music germ, according to the information reaching the song is yet to be released in few days. Updates on the tittle and release date will be communicated to the general public.

Wainaina first stepped into the world of music with Five Alive, a gospel a cappella group. Five Alive consisted of Victor Seii, Bob Kioko, Chris Kamau, and David Mageria, who was replaced by Joe Kiragu. They drew their musical influence from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Dominated the  Kenya’s airwaves in 1995, Five Alive released their debut album ‘Five Alive’ in 1996, and even went on to tour Europe the same year. His experience with the group convinced Wainaina to pursue a professional career in music. In 1996 he performed and appeared in the video for Get in the Driver’s Seat, a song commissioned by the United Nations Drug Control Programme for a highly successful anti-drug campaign spanning 20 countries. This did not only set the stage for his eventual emergence as a solo artist, but also got him into the social concern and activism that characterizes much of his music.

When the group disbanded in 1997, Wainaina went on to join the Berklee College of Music in Boston—USA, from which he graduated with a degree in Music, majoring in Songwriting and Record Engineering. He graduated with honours. During his years at Berklee, Wainaina and his band traveled to different parts of the country to perform, as well as holding regular shows in Boston. Together with his producer, Christian Kaufmann, he worked to produce a sound that would be distinctively Kenyan both in the music and the content of the lyrics. In order to do this, he made sure that he released a new track every time he returned home for vacation, This was well received by his growing fanbase, with his performance at Kenya’s ‘Beats of the Season’ concert in December 2000 being watched live by 15,000 fans and broadcast nationally.   
Quata Budukusu first made appearance on the music scene with his debut Wonie album produced by Hammer of the Last Two. He later followed it up with Concert. The debut gave him the admiration of Ghanaians as the fastest twisting rapper in Ghana, and has since then recorded with several international artists and have recorded hit songs both in the Ghanaian local language and English. He currently have a distribution deal with VPAL music, Quata Budukusu has set a world record by recording 13 songs on one Riddim Dubbed the Quantum Riddim Which was released via VPAL Music on 18 August 2017 and he also recorded a song with Gully Bop titled Grateful. Quata Budukusu signed a three year distribution contract with New York based VPAL Records which also includes the distribution of his albums.