Regina Daniels’ mother allegedly begged Ned Nwoko to forgive her daughter for cheating

Regina Daniels Cheating
Regina Daniels Cheating

Regina Daniels’ mother allegedly begged Ned Nwoko to forgive her daughter for cheating.

It has come to light that Nigerian actress Regina Daniels nearly had her marriage to Ned Nwoko collapse due to cheating allegations.

According to the report filed by ghost Instagram blogger Cutie Juls, Regina Daniels’ mother reportedly asked billionaire businessman, Ned Nwoko, to pardon her daughter after he allegedly discovered her cheating with a lady.

The report states that Regina Daniels supported Ned Nwoko’s decision to shame his ex-wife Lailain public but when Regina did the same and was spared after her mother, Rita, intervened and begged for her.

The blogger wrote:

“Seriously I don’t like this thing that Gina and Ned are doing to Laila. Why is Gina supporting Ned to the embarrass Laila kini kon

Abeg, where was this energy when she Gina was cheating with her fellow woman, Cassie?

Her mom Rita went to the house to beg Ned and she Rita chased Cassie out and they quietly buried Gina’s shame which was even more shameful than Laila’s.

They only told the story that Cassie wanted of Pa Ned but that wasn’t why. The main issue was when Pa Ned caught Gina and Cassie more than once

But they want to disgrace Laila to us, her online in-laws. Even if she did that and so what? Is Ned a faithful husband? Was he not doing small girl Gina behind Laila’s back until she got pregnant and they had to marry? Even tho she lost that first pregnancy according to Gina’s fathe at that time?

This is not fair. Laila has gone back to her country, they should leave her alone to enjoy her peace.—-se”. -source: ghbase