Relationship between Samira Bawumia and her NDC brother revealed by her Father

Father of Samira Bawumia

Relationship Between Samira Bawumia and her NDC brother revealed by her Father.

Ahmed Ramadan, father of Ghana’s Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, has disclosed she has a cordial relationship with her NDC brother, Adamu.

Speaking exclusively in an interview with Adom News‘ Jackson Osei Ntiamoah, the proud father stated it is always a delight and a joyful sight to behold whenever his children come together.

Adamu Ramadan is Adentan Member of Parliament on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

However, Mr Ramadan who is Ghana’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates has said their different political colours have never been a hindrance to their unity and growth as a family.

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“I feel good about my children because sometimes we come under the same roof, they ridicule each other and they move on. The MP can tell their sister your party is not doing well and vice versa and we all laugh over it. They believe like the cockerel, they can fight but do not peck each other’s eye,” he said joyfully.

To him, the good thing is that he is not the only father whose children are in different parties.

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