Four (4) Gospel Musicians Exposed For Leading Followers To Hell

Four(4) Gospel Musicians Exposed For Leading Followers To Hell

Outspoken gospel musician, Mr. Paul Addae, known by his stage name as Bra Paul.

Paul has in an interview given a tall list of musicians he believes have failed and acted with shenanigans as gospel musicians. The tongues wagging list which included popular names like Brother Sammy, Joyce Blessing, Perpetual Didier, Gifty Osei amongst others are musicians he believes are failing to lead an exemplary Christian life.

The tetelestai singer in the interview disclosed that he sees these musicians including some renowned men of God not to be genuine. Their dressing, lifestyle and their choice of language over the years have given them away as they have and still continue to lead most of their followers astray with their deceitful personalities.

” A Christian, even though he or she is not a saint, cannot just lead any life. We as gospel musicians should be role models and agents of change to those living in the dark. The way we dress, talk and act in public should be devoid of controversies which draws unnecessary attention. Brother Sammy is One musician with so much of talent, but he is not living to expectation as his arrogance and womanising nature over the years will clearly tell you where he is heading and the motive he is putting in our minds as believers. He is human and as humans, we are bound to making mistakes but it becomes unusual to keep repeating the same volumes of mistakes or even worse mistakes over and over again. I don’t hate him but he is acting against what he was sent to do. His arrogance has gotten to an extent where a very popular television station here in Ghana ( Atinka TV) has refused to play any of his videos or the ones he was featured on and I believe it is a bad dent to a fine musician like Brother Sammy” he stated.

“Any pastor who in the name of making profit will tell his members to pay consultation fee or will sell anointing oil to their members is fake. I don’t want to talk about Bishop Obinim and kumchacha as the both are not only rejected by God but by the devil as well. The like of prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom (prophet one) and his likes are all wolves in sheep’s clothing and should be put back on their track and it is the onus of the Christian counsel to do so. The truth hurts but until it is told, no one will be willing to change. Some gospel musicians take in alcohol before performing on stage and I believe its about time we expose all these wolves to the public” he fumed.

The musicain further continued to say that, Zylofon Media signed gospel artiste, Joyce Blessing, is gradually deviating from her tracks as she has allowed fashion as her biggest and topmost priority.

“Joyce blessing is a fine artiste but if I am allowed to advice her, I will tell her she is deviating from the normal Joyce blessing we used to know. Her songs these days lacks biblical content and she has made fashion as her topmost priority. Look at the kind of dress she wore to Becca‘s concert and the kind of criticisms she received as a gospel musician, how serious will a worldly person take you? The fake lives we live as gospel evangelists and still gets the confidence to defend ourselves is overwhelming. Truthfully, I don’t classify Perpetual Didier’s ‘krom Aye De’ as gospel song neither do I see her as a gospel musician, she is in for the fame and will do anything for it” he concluded.