Pastor Alph Lukau accused of sleeping with virgin teenagers

Pastor Alph Lukau sleeps with virgin teenagers.

The controversial televangelist based in South Africa, Pastor Alph Lukau has been caught in a fresh s3x scandal involving virgin teenagers.

Several ladies have opened up to City Press last week in an interview add some of the revelations are mind-blowing.

According to one lady, pastor Alph Lukau demanded s3x and slept with her at the age of 16. Despite all the attempts to stop the renowned man of God, he forced himself on her at the church premises.

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Another woman who spoke in anonymity to City Press in South Africa and even revealed he filed a report twice with the police but the investigations “went nowhere” because of the power of Alph Lukau in the country.

According to this woman, she had been trying to meet this man of Gd whom before their meeting, she perceived him to be Jesus’ deputy to help her solve some problems. This was in 2013.

When she finally met Alph Lukau, he complimented her hairstyle and blouse and told her to be the last in the queue because her problem is serious and needed all the attention.

When she finally met him, he asked about her age and when he found out she was a teenager and a virgin, he concentrated all his attentions on getting her to sleep with.

He demanded to sleep with her at the church premises at 12:00 am midnight. He ended up forcing himself on her twice


“The meeting was more than an hour long, but from that meeting on, we never discussed anything about God or the Bible, and not even the reason I was there. He demanded s3x and touched me on my waist. He then asked that I have sex with him at 12: 00 am on the church’s premises.

I knew what he was doing was wrong, but I was scared of him. One would think this man of God, who has a huge following, is a deputy Jesus. The second time, she was delivering something. He forced himself on her again and said: ‘Don’t worry, God will forgive us.”

According to the lady, she allegedly started telling people what happened but was reportedly threatened by his security team.

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She then opened two cases against the religious leader, the source claimed, adding that the investigations went nowhere.

Pastor Alph Lukau has since denied the sexual abuse allegations, saying through his lawyer, Sean Sim, that the accusations were “false and malicious”.