Popular Ghanaian actress slept with my friend for GH¢2,000 – Ola Michael

Popular Ghanaian actress slept with my friend for GH¢2,000 – Ola Michael.

The veteran Ghanaian movie producer and entertainment critic is determined to speak about the subtle prostitution going on the entertainment industry by popular Ghanaian female celebrities who go about giving the impression they worked hard to earn their wealth.

Besides revealing that most revered radio presenters are pimp for these celebrities, Ola Michael has revealed his friend slept with a popular Kumasi based actress and paid her GH¢2000.

According to Ola Michael, her friend who is an elderly man was introduced to the popular actress that same day by him and the actress fvcked him that same day and continued to fvck him throughout the weekend.

At the end of the weekend, the man paid the popular Kumawood actress who is always all over social media flaunting her wealth and preaching hard work GH¢2000 (20 million old cedis).


Ola Michael claims the man was very shocked that actresses could be that cheap in Ghana. Ola Michael, however, refused to name the actress and the man.

Ola Michael’s exposé comes at a time when an unknown person is on Snaphat dropping wild secret about the lifestyle of popular Ghanaian celebrities including a celebrity se*x party they organized in 2018.