We’re not producing any Kpo K3k3 Fan Yogo flavour

We’re not producing any Kpo K3k3 Fan Yogo flavour.

On 28th March 2019, images flooded social media which suggests that Fan Yogo Ghana Limited was set to produce a new Kpok3k3 Flavoured Ice-cream made of Gin and Ginger.

In our previous publication, we let you know that it could be that the images of the supposed KpoK3k3 Fan Yogo could be photoshopped as we didn’t see the image on the official pages of Fan Yogo Ghana.

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True to our prediction, Fan Yogo Ghana Limited has come out to say that they’re not set to produce any Kpok3k3 flavoured ice-cream.

They made this known via a press statement.

“We’ve noticed an image circulating on social media purported to be a new FanYogo “Gin & Ginger” flavour. We categorically deny any planned production or distribution of any such product,” the statement said.

“We are still counting your votes and looking for a new delicious FanYogo flavour that EVERYONE can enjoy. Any confirmed flavours will be communicated exclusively on our official channels.

“Stay cool, ignore the fake news and keep voting for your dream flavours. Stay tuned for the big reveal as the search continues”.


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