”F*ck All O’ Y’all” – Edem Angrily Reacts To Ebony Concert Issues

Rapper Edem took to social media to react to claims he took money to perform at the late Ebony Reigns‘ tribute concert in honor the late Ebony.
”You people for stop fool”, he said in a video. ”We came through for the Ebony Concert for free, nobody paid me a dime. Now her dad gets on TV and he’s happily saying the manager said I took 3000 cedis”.  ”How the f*ck does that operate ? Who the f*ck does that ? F*ck all o’ y’all !”

Edem called on the family and the management of the late Ebony Reigns to let the last respect of their daughter remain.

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Earlier on, Coded of 4×4 music trio had also added his voice to the same ongoing Ebony Concert brouhaha between the family and management. He gave a thumb down for the information circulating in the news and on social media about artistes taking money to perform at the Ebony Concert.

”Why would you go and support a sister and the next minute they have to bring information out that you went to perform for money and then you were paid 1000 cedis. I think it’s very very wrong for people to be sending such information across board.”

The ”Ambagabantabaa” hitmaker further said he would never go to any platform or show and go for 1000 cedis. ”It’s very very demeaning”, he said in a video.

Watch Video of Edem’s angry reaction to the Ebony Concert issues below: