Kennedy Agyapong talks about how NPP will cause its own defeat

Kennedy Agyapong talks about how NPP will cause its own defeat.

New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand, Kennedy Agyapong has warned that the party risk sending itself into opposition taking into account current happenings.

He observed that the party has neglected all those who contributed to the 2016 victory and are rather dealing with ‘aliens’ and some elements within the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) wondering what crime these persons have committed to deserve such a treatment.

“NPP must listen to this…all those who helped you win power you have betrayed them and you are now dealing with others including some NDC members. What crime have they committed? You need to change this attitude, it is party people who will bring you down”, he warned.

According to him, he has been tagged as too known, loud and verbally abused by leading members of the NPP for speaking up but insists he will always speak out for the betterment of the party.

The Assin Central lawmaker further warned that winning elections is not about big grammar as some think but the ability to satisfy the basic needs of constituents who voted in anticipation of such favours.

“NPP we like too much grammar…President Akufo-Addo and Finance Minister must listen carefully, IMF and world bank do not vote in Ghana, the diplomats don’t vote so when you go and the say the IMF says you are doing well, the world bank says you are doing well does not win elections. The people need basic things which can be done with GHC200 or less. That is where I have a problem with my own party”, he revealed on NET 2 TV.