Secret revealed on how big men in NPP helped collapse Menzgold

Secret revealed on how big men in NPP helped collapse Menzgold – A-Plus writes.

Controversial Ghanaian politician, Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as Kwame A Plus has made shocking revelation on how the ruling government of Ghana led by Nana Addo Dankwah Addo helped collapsed Menzgold.

According to A Plus who is a former member of the ruling party took huge sums of money from Menzgold owned by Nana Appiah Mensah to finance their activities with a promise to pay it back.

A Plus claims that even in power, NPP took money from Menzgold to pay for the Koforidua Conference and has still refused to pay any of the loans back. He claims that is the main reason why Menzgold collapsed and has not been able to pay back customers money.

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A Plus made these shocking revelations in banter with NPP social commentator, Mustapha Hameed, a lecturer, and Executive Director at Midas Centre for Energy and Resource Policy.

A Plus wrote:

“Mustapha Hameed, if you are looking for the biggest scam in Ghana it is the NPP. 1. This party in opposition took money from almost everyone including Nam1. The Menzgold money is with NPP big men!!! Even in government you guys still went to him for money for your Koforidua conference and promised to help him. The poor menzgold customers’ money was used to sponsor the NPP 2016 campaign.

2. This party called NPP, took all the Unibank money for the campaign and came back and closed it down. I know exactly how much they paid for your Tamale congress in 2014. (2 million dollars) Even when you won and knew that the bank was on life support you still went for poor depositors’ money for your Cape coast conference because you knew that even if the bank collapses you will pay with taxpayers money. The biggest scam in this country is the NPP.

I’ve given this post to you at a wholesale price. My next post will depend on you. And trust me, it will be wild!!!”, he wrote on his Facebook wall in response to a user, Mustapha Hameed who had called A Plus and his TPP “a scam”.

Mustapha Hameed also took to his social media platform to reply to the allegation from A Plus. Mustapha Hameed wrote:

“If I didn’t see Ndoum, Akpaloo, Akua Donkor, Odike and the rest, I’ll probably have taken A Plus seriously. But Alhamdulillah, all of these were manifestations that happened before my own eyes. And like Allah will say in the Holy Quran after a series verses, “….among these are signs for people of understanding”.

The signs are clear enough, that TPP is at best a joke in a circus run by elements with a bloated sense of relevance and influence in the politics of this country, and at worst a political scam. Nothing more, nothing less.

Those who sincerely believe they have something to change in the politics of this country know what to do. Those who genuinely know they have something to offer in the positive transformation of this country know what to do. They put themselves before the people with the transformational ideas and the execution strategies they have to be considered for election into a leadership position, or align themselves with those whose philosophies they share. Or be in private enterprise or civil society or anything the semblance of these.

Anyone who only seeks to rally the people behind him in the name of a movement, and use those numbers as a trump card to get what he wants from politicians is like I said, clearly headless clown running a circus or some modern-day political fraud; both won’t last.

A Plus says he wants to have about 1 million people behind him whom as he describes, use as the force in a pendulum, to decide where political power swings.

As for those allegations about UNIBANK and Menzgold, I’m sure if he still had his BOST oil contract, he wouldn’t be making them. Lol, ? We are not in the election season yet, the rest of the exchanges will happen in the season.