Komfuor Koleege reveal secret about Kumawood actors, Says none of them is his friend

Local Ghanaian actor, Kumfuor Koleege has disclosed why he has no friend from Kumawood.

He told ZionFelix in an exclusive interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ that the industry is full of hatred.

Koleege stressed that many of the Kumawood actors are backbiters who plan and execute the downfall of others.

The actor said he has learned a lot following his emergency in the industry, so the best way for him to be safe and stay out of troubles is to ply his trade without having close associates or friends from the sector.

He recounted how some of these people dented his image by telling lies to others he was very close to.

Kumfuor Koleege lamented lack of unity within the industry and how most of his colleagues destroy others just to seek for a favour.

According to him, keeping no tight friends has helped him in so many ways.

Though he has no close friends from Kumawood, Koleege stated that he has no problem with any of them.

The actor known for playing fetish priest roles in Ghanaian local movies added that he talks and laugh with anyone in Kumawood but he won’t regard it as friendship.

Watch the full interview below.